Cloud Anti Spam


With each passing day, the number of SPAM e-mails one receives are increasing exponentially. Although there are some well known anti-spam solutions available in the market, most of them form a part of the e-mail system and don’t have a separate cluster to scan e-mails. This is where CENTUM has gone a step ahead and implemented a top quality anti-spam filtering solution. This unique solution is hosted on a cluster (and not on your server), with a filtering accuracy as high as 99.98%!

Some of the Core Features of Cloud Anti-Spam Solution:

  • Incoming E-mail Filtering
  • 99.98% Filtering Accuracy
  • 0.0001% False Positive Rate
  • Protection against Anti Spam, Virus, Phishing, Malware, Harvesting and other unwanted e-mails
  • Supported E-mail Protocols SMTP, TLS/SSL
  • Quarantine System includes IMAP, Web, and HTML/PDF report
  • Other features include Domain User Management, E-mail User Management & Permissions Management